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When we were on tour in October, we hung out in LA for a couple days at SideOneDummy Records HQ and cooked, drank all their beer, generally made a mess of the place, and played some songs. This is the first of many “Live at SideOneDummy” sessions. Here’s “New Old”. 

All-Video November continues! More from our session at indieATL. Here’s “Civil Inattention”.

This one’s a little loose, but here’s our full set (plus two acoustic songs) from our LA show at the Satellite. Thanks to Chris at Cavis Tapes / Altered Course for shooting these!

1) D

2) A
3) West River 
4) Let’s Blow Up The Sun
5) Kind Of Comfort 
6) New Old
7) When You’re Older
8) B

We hung out with @indieATL in Atlanta last week and recorded a couple songs. Here’s “Quit”.

Here’s our “Mystery Band” set from Friday at THE FEST. This was one of the most fun nights of tour. Sorry, again, to everyone who couldn’t get in. Hope this makes up for it. 

1. Nonlocality
2. In Perpetuity Throughout The Universe 
3. Let’s Blow Up The Sun
4. Documents

Thanks to Jeremy Silveira for shooting this.

Thought this one turned out nicely. When we were in Brooklyn, we hung out with the good folks at, and they shot this video of us playing “New Old” acoustic. More here.

Here’s “D” in Orlando, FL at The Social. This show was a really good time. Thanks to Mike Plante for the video!

What a great tour. Thanks a million to everyone that came out and supported, sang along, and made us feel at home. We’ll be back out again in July doing dates around Wicker Park Fest and I Got Brains Fest. Then we’ll hopefully be back out again in the fall to hit some places we didn’t get to on this tour. Much love and thanks to The Menzingers, Fake Problems, Captain, We’re Sinking, our family at SideOneDummy Records and Tiny Engines, Good Fight Entertainment, The Syndicate, Phil Battiato at The Agency Group, John Lashnits, Dom Varacallo, Scotty Bell, and Andy Clarke. This ruled. We’re off to write some new songs. ♥

Here’s us playing at The Corner Hotel in Melbourne, Australia last year. Best tour ever. Thanks to Melanie Anastas and co. for shooting this. 

Here’s a couple of videos from the Vakarme show in Montreal last weekend. Thanks to Christine Lortie for shooting these.

Here’s “B” from that Suburbia show in Feb.